Music T&Cs 2018/2019
  • Fees

    Fees are to be paid directly to the music teacher.  Charges for lessons are made in advance and must be paid by the set date i.e. one week before the start of term.  Existing pupils may lose their place in the timetable if payment is late and will still be liable for the term’s fees. For new pupils lessons will begin only after receipt of payment and the signed copy of the Terms and Conditions.


    Pupils are charged for thirty lessons per year.  Due to differing lengths of term, this may sometimes mean only nine lessons in one term and eleven in another.  If for any reason the teacher has to miss a lesson, the lesson will be made up at another time, or where this is not possible the final term’s bill will be amended.


  • Lessons

    Lessons missed through a pupil’s non-attendance will be charged for.  Where there is a School event such as academic examinations or a trip published in the School Calendar (excluding Fixtures), every reasonable effort will be made by the teacher to re-schedule these lessons, within the constraints of their teaching days.  Where a school event has not been published in the School Calendar, efforts to re-schedule the lessons will only be made if parents give 1 weeks’ notice to the music teacher.


  • Fixtures

    In the event that a child is chosen for a fixture that clashes with a music lesson, it is the parent’s responsibility to let the teacher know as soon as possible.  The teacher will endeavour to give another time on the same day, although there is no guarantee.  If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, the lesson will be chargeable.


  • Notice

    Notice to discontinue lessons must be given in writing directly to the music teacher by the half term break of the term that you wish to stop lessons.  Failure to give such notice will render the pupil’s parents liable for fees in lieu for a further term. Leaving the music booking form blank does not constitute notice to the teacher.



  • Scheduling

    Scheduling extra music lessons - It remains difficult to schedule individual music lessons without impinging upon the regular curriculum. In order to alleviate pressure on academic work, lessons will be scheduled on a three week rotation, with information published around School and online to inform pupils and parents of when lessons are taking place.  When allocating the lessons, Year 6 pupils have precedence, as they will be sitting their external exams in the Autumn Term or at the beginning of the Spring Term. 


  • NB

    Where pupils miss curriculum lesson time the teachers involved endeavour to ensure that any work missed is 'caught up'.  It is essential that pupils have the correct instrument at home and practise between each lesson to ensure progress is made. 

    Years 1, 2 and 3 will be collected from their classroom for music lessons.  It is the responsibility of pupils in other years to make their own way to the music lessons at the correct time.