Head of Lower School Welcome
In the Lower School at Staines Prep, we continue to develop children’s independence and build on the knowledge and skills that have been learnt in Pre Prep.

 We believe that happy children are at the heart of successful learning. To aid the transition from Reception into Year 1, teachers deliver an enriched curriculum providing opportunities for outdoor and hands-on learning whilst introducing the children to new concepts, knowledge and skills. The Lower School teachers are aware of the Early Learning Goals that the children have achieved in Reception and these are used to inform planning, making learning personal to each child. In Year 1 and 2 the children are taught following the main principles of the National Curriculum extending beyond the Key Stage 1 Curriculum Framework.

The children have many opportunities to showcase their learning during their time in the Lower School. Over the year, each class performs an assembly where parents are invited to watch and the Christmas Presentations are always an exciting event which encourages children to show their acting, singing and dancing skills. To conclude the Spring term in the Lower School, a Spring Festival is presented to families and friends.

When the children enter Year 1, they are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument outside of the music curriculum. At the end of Year 2, a talent show is held for these children to show their musical ability to their peers.

There are many extra-curricular clubs that are available for the Lower School children both during lunchtimes and after school. These, along with the day-to-day learning, provide our children with the confidence and sense of achievement that every child deserves. Each fortnight during Lower School assembly, Merit Certificates are presented to show children’s achievements. We recognise the importance of celebrating success.

We believe at SPS that it is vital that the children are adequately prepared for the move at the end of Year 2 into the Upper School. During the Summer Term, the children are given opportunities to visit the Year 3 classrooms and experience some playtimes with the Upper School. This helps the Year 2 children become more familiar with the Upper School areas and routines thus making the transition into the Upper School less daunting.

Mrs Hannah Miles
Head of Lower School