Facilities Hire T&C's


The use of School premises is permitted under the following conditions, which may change from time to time.


For the purpose of these ‘conditions’ the following definitions apply.

  • ‘School’ — The Governing Body and the Bursar or person authorised to act on behalf of the Governing Body of Staines Preparatory School Trust
  • ‘Hirer’ — The person or organisation who has signed the School’s Application for Hire Booking Form irrespective of whether or not a charge is made for use of the premises
  • ‘Let’ or ‘Letting’ — Where the School has issued a written confirmation to the hirer that School premises may be used in accordance with the applicable Conditions of Hire.
  • “Block Booking,” means a contract for a series of hire periods, which also includes bookings by clubs, societies or any other groups or organisations

Premises available for hire and charges

  • School premises available for hire and the scale of charges are as stated in Section 1 attached. The use of the premises will include use of ladies and gents toilets and such tables and chairs and equipment as are determined by the hirer and School at the time the booking is confirmed, together with free car parking facilities within the School grounds up to a number agreed, when the premises are hired.
  • School equipment, material, students’ work etc., may NOT be used, or moved without the prior consent in writing of the school.
  • The hirer shall not bring onto school premises, or use any equipment or materials, without the schoul’s prior written permission. This includes:

    Any equipment for heating food

    Any equipment invulving combustible material

    Film projectors using flammable film

    Curtaining, scenery, structures or other effects

    Wall attachable items.

  • Only that part of the premises hired, apart from access, toilets and areas designated for car parking, may be used. Hirer to ensure persons attending premises hired shall not enter upon any other part of Schoul premises.
  • All lockers must be vacated at the end of the agreed hiring period


  • Where the hirer signing the Booking Form is an individual, he/she must be over 18 years of age. A person authorised to sign on behalf of an organisation must be over 18 years of age.
  • The hirer, being the person, or organisation, signing the Booking Form, shall be responsible for observance of the School’s ‘Conditions of Hire’ and must be present throughout the period of the letting.
  • The hirer undertakes to comply with all instructions relating to the hire of the Premises made by the School’s on-site representative.


  • 1. The Hirer, who must be over the age of 18 years, must sign the application form. The premises hired shall be used only in accordance with the conditions agreed when written Confirmation of Hire has been made by the School. The hirer may not transfer the hire to any other person, or group, or assign or sublet any part of the premises, without the prior written agreement of the School.
  • 2. 50% of the hire charge shall be paid immediately at time of booking, the remaining 50% to be paid 60 days before the commencement of the event, or full payment if less than 60 days.
  • 3. If the Hirer cancels within 60 days of the date of the booking or fails to use the facilities hired, the Hirer shall pay the School the full hire charge. If the hirer cancels prior to 60 days before the date of the booking, the Hirer shall pay 50% of the full hire charge.
  • 4.The School reserves the right to:
  • a) cancel the letting at any time without reason and, in such event, shall not be liable for damages or otherwise in respect of such cancellation; the School will endeavour to find suitable alternative accommodation].
  • b) cease the letting if the hirer fails to comply with the fire and health and safety regulations
  • c) relocate lets depending on need and circumstances and alter times where necessary.
  • 5. The hirer shall not assign or sublet the premises or any part of the premises.
  • 6. Authorised Officers of the School may enter the premises at any time for any reason during the period of hire.
  • 7. The hirer is responsible for the area of the premises hired and access and egress routes for the period of hire.
  • 8. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the accommodation used is left in a clean, neat and tidy condition. If in the opinion of the Caretaker the premises are not left clean the Caretaker will clean the premises and the cost will be recovered from the hirer.
  • 9. All hirers must comply with the allocated times of the booking; failure to adhere to this condition will incur costs from the deposit for any additional extra time. The hirer shall ensure that any music is turned off at least 45 minutes before the end of the letting time and that all attendees are off the school site by the end of the Letting Time (NOT STARTING TO CLEAR UP).
  • 10. When classrooms are hired for use the hirer will be responsible for ensuring that pupil’s property, work and school equipment is not interfered with in anyway.
  • 11. Any damage, litter or disorder upon your arrival to the premises should be reported to the Caretaker on site.
  • 12. When you specify the time required on the application form please include the preparation time and clearing up time you require.
  • 13. The premises may normally be used between:>
  • 6.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. Monday to Friday inclusive
  • 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 Saturdays
  • 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Sundays
  • (Subject to variation)
  • 14. The School’s code of conduct for staff does not allow employees to accept cash from individuals or organisations. Please ensure that no such offers are made to School staff as refusal to accept may cause offence. Any small gifts of appreciation may be passed to the appropriate member of staff via the Bursar of the School or the Headmaster.
  • 15. No additional staging, curtaining or scenery may be erected without the previous consent in writing of the School and any such alterations and additions as may be authorised shall be carried out in accordance with the directions and to the satisfaction of the School and shall be reinstated forthwith at the expense of the hirer to the School’s satisfaction. All curtaining or scenery shall be rendered non-flammable. Stage scenery and other effects must neither be brought on to the Premises nor taken away while the premises are in normal use. Storage facilities cannot normally be provided. Any property not removed by the hirer may be removed by the School and charges may apply.
  • 16. Bills of announcement of meetings or any form of advertising of forthcoming events taking place in the Premises may only be displayed on School premises with prior agreement of the School Facilities Manager.
  • a) If there is no longer period than one month between the first and the last Hire Periods in a Block Booking the hire charge shall be paid in full immediately the Contract is made.
  • b) In all other Block Bookings the Hire Charge in respect of the Hire Period occurring between the date of the Contract and the end of the complete calendar month next following that date shall be paid immediately the Contract is made and thereafter the Hire Charge in respect of the Hire Periods occurring in each calendar month shall be payable in advance on the first day of each month.
  • c) If no termination date for the Block Booking is specified in the Particulars the Contract shall continue until terminated by either party giving two weeks notice in writing to the other provided that if the Hirer fails to comply with any of his obligations under the Contract the School may (without incurring any liability to the Hirer) terminate that Contract on giving immediate notice to that effect to the Hirer and without any monies paid by the Hirer to the School having to be refunded.
  • d) Termination or alteration of the Contract by the Hirer not specified in the particulars must be completed in writing giving two weeks notice. If the Hirer fails to give the required notice, the Hirer shall be held responsible for any cancellation and charged as per the Particulars.
  • The Facilities Manager/Caretaker is the School Officer supervising your letting.
  • The Facilities Manager/Caretaker is responsible for making sure before and at the end of the letting that:
  • (a) the premises are open at the agreed time as stated on the application form or subsequently approved by the School;
  • (b) room(s) to be hired are unlocked and that the accommodation to be hired is in a safe and satisfactory condition for the organisation to hire. The security alarm system will be set to ‘local’ arrangements for the area(s) not being let;
  • (c) the security of the site is ensured at all times while the letting is taking place. Premises are regularly patrolled and the entrance(s) are monitored. All other entrances will be kept locked and made suitable for means of escape purposes only;
  • (d) premises are checked before and at the end of your letting (with a representative from the group), for damage and to ensure that the premises have been left in a clean and tidy condition;
  • (e) where the same accommodation is hired by more than one group on the same day, to ensure that the accommodation is checked in between each letting;
  • (f) as far as practicable, it is ensured that users of the site do not behave in a manner likely to cause injury to themselves or others or result in damage to the buildings or contents; in the event of an emergency, telephone for assistance (.e.g. ambulance, etc.) and assist the organisation(s) on the school site;
  • (g) they remain on the school premises throughout the duration of the let.
  • The Caretaker is not allowed to change the starting or finishing time of a letting or to change any of the Conditions of Hire without first seeking approval from the School Facilities Manager.
  • There will be NO SMOKING on School premises.
  • 20. Permission to use the premises will not be granted if in the opinion of the School it is likely that the occupation would create unreasonable disturbance or inconvenience to the residents in the neighbourhood or interferes with any existing occupation or with school activities.
  • 21. The hirer must secure the preservation of the law and order and take all reasonable steps to prevent injury, loss, or damage to any person or property on all occasions during the hire.
  • 22. The hirer must arrange for an adequate number of responsible stewards to be present throughout the period of hire to assist in the preservation of order. At no time during the hiring may the number of persons present exceed the maximum stated in the application form or stipulated in the acceptance.
  • 23. The hirer is responsible for arranging any first aid provision for their organisation’s members whilst on the premises. The school will require a letter of indemnity from the hirer to prove this.
  • 24. Where permission has been granted to enable the premises to be used for the purposes of a youth organisation no member of the organisation may enter the premises unless the hirer (or deputy previously notified to the School) is present on the premises and members of the organisation may remain on the premises only as long as the hirer or their deputy is present on the premises.
  • 25. Any electronic equipment brought onto the site will be the responsibility of the Hirer.
  • 26. The use or movement of school furniture is granted only on application to and at the direction of the Facilities Manager who shall be satisfied that any movement will be carried out under the Scholl representative’s supervision.
  • 27. Chairs and furniture may not be removed from classrooms or staffrooms without written permission of the Facilities Manager or the Bursar. Chairs located in halls are included in the hiring charge. Chairs must not be removed from the premises for use on playing fields or playgrounds.
  • 28. Design Technology, Food Technology rooms, Science Laboratories, Workshops, Staffrooms and other specialist rooms, are not normally available for use by the general public and any such use will be granted only in certain circumstances at the discretion of the School Facilities Manager who will ensure that such use, when granted, does not impair the efficiency of these rooms or their normal purpose.
  • 29. The use of the School facilities, such as audio visual equipment, computer equipment, etc, is not allowed unless prior approved has been given by the School.
  • 30. The School must be advised if food will be brought onto the premises. Cooking is only permitted in the school’s kitchen with prior agreement.
  • 31. The parking of vehicles will not be permitted on any service road or approach drive where such parking would impede the easy passage of emergency services or obstruct residents’ driveways. Parking is only allowed in the designated car park.
  • The hirer shall ensure no nuisance is caused to the residents of nearby houses by reason of the letting.
  • b) Noise, particularly music, shall be no more than as deemed reasonable by the School’s on-site representative.
  • c) The hirer shall encourage guests/visitors to the event to park vehicles in the parking bays within the School car park. The School may call for evidence that this has been done before permitting a function to commence.
  • The School has arranged adequate insurance for its property and public liability Insurance against injury, loss or damage caused to third parties or their property.
  • Public liability insurance must also be arranged by hirers to protect them against claims of this nature, which may be made against them by the School or other third parties.
  • 34. DEPOSITS
  • Deposits are requested for all lettings. The deposit will not be returned should a breach of any term or condition or cancellation of the letting by the organization occur. The School reserves the right to retain the deposit for any damage/loss/cancellation/ amendment/alteration.