About The Friends

The Friends of Staines Prep (“Friends”) was formed in 1989 to bring together parents, children and staff – everyone is a Friend!  The committee is made up of enthusiastic parents and staff throughout the school and the current Officers of the committee are:


The Friends raise funds for Staines Preparatory School by organising a range of events and activities for the children and their families throughout the year and is made up of entusiastic parents and staff throughout the current school.

There is at least one event for the children each term.  Previous events have included an Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Disco’s and Kids on the Catwalk. There are also events for the whole family to enjoy together including the Fireworks Extravaganza, Bingo (which can get fiercely competitive!), and a Summer Picnic.

The funds raised from these events have been used to purchase some fabulous ‘extras’ for the benefit of the children; recorders for each child in Year 3, waterproof trousers for nursery children, playground equipment, storage facilities throughout the school as well purchasing gardening equipment and working with the children to grow their own vegetables.  The Friends have even purchased a Minibus!

The Friends are always looking to welcome new volunteers to join the committee, help out at events and share their experience and knowledge to help develop exciting new events and other fundraising ideas.

Within the committee, there are a few Officers who help run the Group.  They would love to hear from you, should you have some free time to become part of the group:

Co-Chair - Michelle Nicklette and Nina Murphy
Co-Vice Chair - Harpreet Thandi
Co-Secretary - Victoria Statham and Emily Brown
Treasurer - Sunil Sharma

The Friends can be contacted on thefriends@stainesprep.co.uk or you can also follow us on Facebook.